How to finish herbert's revenge mission 6

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 6

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:52

1. Talk to Gary, then Herbert, then the director.
2. Put the Solar Panel near the box and add it in your inventory.
3. Go to the lighthouse and help Jet Pack Gut. Get the barrel of cream soda in the lighthouse then give it to Jet Pack Guy.
4. The Beaker Game will start.
5. Solution:
6. 8 beaker goes in 3 beaker, 3 beaker goes in 5 beaker,
7. 8 beaker goes in the 3 beaker, the 3 beaker goes in the 5 beaker,
8. the 5 beaker goes in the 8 beaker, the 3 beaker goes in the 5 beaker,
9. the 8 beaker goes in the 3 beaker, and finally the 3 beaker goes in the 5 beaker.
10. Go to the Dock, talk to the penguin, and get the rope.
11. Talk to Rookie at the Gift Shop.
12. Place the solar panel in your inventory on top of the magnet, in order to open up the circuits.
13. Put each color wire to its corresponding color, and do not cross the colors.
14. Then, go to the nightclub, and place the rope from your inventory on the box, at the back near the cage.
15. Tap the box, and when it breaks, use your spy phone wrench to the box to open the panel.
16. When the box is opened, tap the gear shift box, which will fix the gears.
17. Drag the gears, on the peg, so they fit with the other gears, causing them to spin.
18. You will get a call from Jet Pack guy, go to the dock.
19. Tap on Klutzy, and Rookie will call you.
20. Go to the nightclub.
21. Tap the gear box with your stylus to cause the cage to capture Herbert.
22. Herbert will escape, and Gary will call you.
23. When Jet Pack Guy comes, tap on him to get the jetpack.
24. Use the jetpack on the cage, which will stick to the cage and re-capture Herbert.
25. Herbert will escape again, and the Mission is over!

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