How to finish herbert's revenge mission 8

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 8 Empty How to finish herbert's revenge mission 8

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:53

1. Talk to the director.
2. Put the crab costume on the table into your inventory.
3. Tap the suitcase inside the panel to open the clothing area.
4. Equip the crab costume just by tapping it.
5. Talk to Dot.
6. Tap the correct position in the mirror that represents Klutzy’s movement.
7. Talk to G, and then take the camera from him. Use the camera on G to take a picture of him.
8. Go through the “Gone Fishing” door, then across the lake.
9. You will be at Herbert’s layer, and you have to find 4 torn pieces of blueprints.
10. The first piece is on a table under the log.
11. The 2nd is inside a tree; call the green puffle to get it.
12. Use the purple puffle to get the one under the rock.
13. Tip the bucket of ice using the yellow puffle to get the 4th piece.
14. Put together the 4 pieces of the blueprints.
15. Gary and Jet Pack Guy will call.
16. Go to the ski hill, and click to the right of the signs.
17. Take the path to the right of each trail to go to Herbert’s cave.
18. Talk to Jet Pack Guy.
19. Go into Herbert’s cage
20. Use the mechano-duster from your inventory on the ash in the front of the table.
21. Arrange the pieces on the floor to show a secret code.
22. Tap the fake rock. Dot will call.
23. Go out of the cave and look especially for fake rocks.
24. When you see the fake rock at the stump of a tree, tap it twice.
25. Jet pack guy will call, the entry to Herbert’s new hideout will be revealed.
26. Use the mechano-duster in front of the door, a door mat will appear, and tap it to get the key.
27. Put your crab costume on.
28. Rookie will call; he will say he has found Herbert at the ice rink.
29. Tap the key near the barrel.
30. Using the camera from your inventory, to take a picture of the palm tree.
31. Use the spy phone wrench on the panel next to the door.
32. Use the spy phone scissors to cut the wire.
33. Go through the door.
34. Tap the key on top of the fireplace.
35. Take a picture with the camera of the table with plants.
36. Tap the switch and go through the 2 door.
37. Tap Klutzy and match his poses.
38. Tap the key on the shelf and put it in your inventory.
39. Take another picture of the umbrella and beach chair.
40. Use the 3 keys you have on the door under the light.
41. Rookie will call, and tell you Herbert is coming.
42. Tap the blueprints, and then exit.
43. Herbert will mistake your for Klutzy.
44. Exit from the other door. Herbert will realize his plans are gone.
45. Jet pack guy will call. Tap the beam coming from the sky.
46. Use the wrench on the panel, and then start the grapple gadget game.
47. Jet pack guy will teleport you to the HQ.
48. Mission Complete! You will get the klutzy crab costume!

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