How to finish herbert's revenge mission 7

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 7 Empty How to finish herbert's revenge mission 7

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:52

1. Talk to Gary, and he will give instructions.
2. Go to the gift shop, and talk with Rookie.
3. Pick up the popcorn kernels near him, then go to the staff door and talk to Jet Pack Guy, and pick up the seeds near him and put it in your inventory.
4. Gary will call you on your EPF spy phone.
5. Gary will talk, and then Herbert will take over all the monitors. Then, Gary will issue orders.
6. Go to the ski village and talk to the other agents.
7. Talk to the penguin playing with marbles, and pick one bag up.
8. Go to the lighthouse and talk to the penguin with the guitar. Use the wrench on him, and take the box next to him. You will get a spray bottle and cloth.
9. Pick the DVD up at the piano, and put it in your inventory.
10. Combine the cleaning spray and cloth, and then clean the DVD.
11. Give the DVD from the inventory to Rookie.
12. Tap the signal transmitter next to the movie screen. Use your spy phone wrench in the right corner. Go back to the ski village by tapping the upper right.
13. Go to the mine shack, and go to the cornfield at the right. Start the “Amazing Maze” game.
14. After the game, follow the trail of corn, then follow the other trail to a place with the wooden plank, and put it in your inventory. Then, take the exit.
15. Take the path with the corn. Drop the wooden plank on the river to cross it.
16. Complete the “Amazing Maze” mini-game, and then talk to Rookie.
17. Use the corn from your inventory to the fire near the cliff. Or, you can use call the blue puffle to throw snowballs at the lever of the ladder.
18. Talk to Herbert in front of his computer. Click the cord with your stylus to unplug his computer, and then you will be transported to the HQ, with a popcorn bomb.
19. At the HQ, tap the yellow book at the left of the cabinet (below map)
20. Do the color wheel lock game.
21. Guides: The white area is empty, tapping a color next to the empty space will shift the color, and you have to line up the all the colors to complete it.
22. When you unlock the color wheel, Dot will arrive. She will transport everyone to the Ski Village.
23. There will be lots of talking, and the Mission is over.
24. Congratulations, you are finished with Mission 7 of Herbert’s Revenge!

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