How to finish herbert's revenge mission 10

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 10 Empty How to finish herbert's revenge mission 10

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:54

1. Listen to the Director. He will tell you that a geyser has erupted.
2. Talk to Gary. You will be teleported to the near the mine shack.
3. Listen to Rookie, the Dot, then Gary for instructions.
4. Go to the ski village where Jet Pack Guy has found Herbert.
5. Use the scissors on the ski lift.
6. Call the purple puffle, and then use him on Klutzy.
7. Talk to Herbert, until he agrees to work with you to save the island.
8. Go to the Gift shop, talk to the Shop Owner, and take the floating device and jacket.
9. Go back to the ski village and take the rubber duck floating tube on the left. Give all 3 items to Herbert.
10. Rookie will come, then talk to Gary and Dot.
11. Go to the attic in the ski lodge.
12. Cut the string off of the box with Klutzy’s claw. Take the inflated octopus.
13. Go to the Boiler Room, then get the inflated whale.
14. Go to the underground pool, and take the life preserver.
15. Go to the iceberg, talk to Gary, and play the Aqua rescue game.
16. Go to the plaza, then talk to Dot.
17. Go to the stage, and take the fake beard, then put it in the bucket of paint. Play the mini game.
18. Go to the Pizza Shop, and talk to the chef.
19. Take the pan and mop. Use Klutzy’s claw to cut the head off the mop, and then take the pizza pan.
20. Tap on Dot, and complete the mini game.
21. Gary will call, go to the mine.
22. Go to the gift shop, then the staff door, and get the tape on the desk.
23. Go to the ski village, then use the tape on the balloon.
24. Use the helium on the balloon, then give it to Herbert.
25. Go back to the mine shack.
26. Use the jackhammer on the geyser, and play the mini game.
27. Call the white puffle, and use it to freeze the geyser.
28. Herbert will call. Talk to him.
29. Call Klutzy from the puffle menu, and use him on the statue above the geyser.
30. Use the purple puffle to drop the statue on the geyser.
31. Use the black puffle to weld the statue.
32. Play the mini game.
33. Talk to the Director, and Mission 10 of Herbert’s Revenge is complete!

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