How to finish herbert's revenge mission 1

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 1 Empty How to finish herbert's revenge mission 1

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:50

1. Slide your DS stylus and explore, and you will get a call on your spy phone. Answer it.
2. Talk to Dot, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy in the HQ, then listen to the Director.
3. You will be transported to the secret facility, and meet the Puffle Handler. He will give you the puffle whistle!
4. Go through a door with a red and blue puffle on it. You will enter a cave.
5. You will find 2 boxes; use the puffle whistle to let the red puffle break them.
6. Use your puffle whistle for the blue puffle, which will throw snowballs at the 3 targets.
7. Go back through the door, and you will be back with the Puffle Handler.
8. The Director will give another task.
9. Go to the cave door, and after listening, click on the box to get a Jackhammer, a rope, and an Anchor.
10. Go to your inventory, and use the broken jackhammer to clean the river.
11. Play the mini game and put the pieces of the jackhammer back together.
12. You have crossed to the other side of the river. After talking, continue down the cave tunnel.
13. You will come across a cliff, so put the anchor and hook together, climb the cliff, and play the new minigame.
14. Listen to the agents, they will give you items.
15. You will get a jet pack, belt, and a broomstick.
16. Select the belt, use it on the door, use the jet pack on the broomstick, and use that on the belt.
17. To bend the bars, rotate the broomstick as they arrows say.
18. Congratulate your friends, and go through the bars.
19. You will come across another wall, and talk to the agents.
20. You will need to stand on top of each other to get over the wall.
21. Play the mini game, tap on the penguins to pick them up and stack them.
22. The order from top to bottom is Rookie, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, and then you.
23. You have successfully climbed the wall!
24. Talk to the director, he will congratulate you and make you a team leader of the EPF!
25. Claim your reward, and you are done with the mission!

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