How to finish herbert's revenge mission 9

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 9 Empty How to finish herbert's revenge mission 9

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:54

1. Talk to G, and get the Heads up 3000.
2. Play the mini game.
3. In the mini game, Use this device to help other agents track Herbert and use the map to tell the agents where to track next.
4. In the mini game, you will have 10 seconds to disguise Dot, play Rookie’s focus wheel, or Jet Pack Guy’s landing.
5. After the first 5 clues are uncovered, the agents will be abducted.
6. Talk to Gary. You will receive the tracking device, a grappling hook, and jackhammer.
7. Follow the tracking device to the ski hill, and go to the wilderness.
8. Follow the tracker to the left, then the river, then the white puffle.
9. Tap the white puffle on the river to create a bridge for you to cross.
10. Call the yellow puffle.
11. You are at the bottom of a mountain.
12. Use your grappling hook on the mountain to start the Grapple Gadget game.
13. Talk to Rookie, and then call the green puffle to retrieve Rookie’s hat, and then return it to him.
14. Rookie will give you a fishing line.
15. Call the yellow puffle to open the ice block, where the two puffles are trapped.
16. Use your spy phone wrench to open the cage where the puffles are.
17. Go to the left path, and then play the Amazing Maze game to continue.
18. Call the red puffle to knock the cardboard tree down.
19. Talk to Dot.
20. Pick the all four broken propeller pieces, then the other piece of the windmill.
21. Combine all the pieces, and complete the mini game.
22. Place the whole propeller on the windmill by using the black puffle, to free Dot and the pink puffle.
23. Go back to Rookie and use the Jackhammer on the snow. Complete the mini game.
24. Continue to where Jet Pack Guy is.
25. Talk to Jet Pack Guy.
26. Use the fishing rod in your inventory on Jet Pack Guy to rescue him.
27. Complete the mini game.
28. Call the Yellow puffle, and use it on the rocket to break it.
29. Use your spy phone scissors to free Jet Pack Guy.
30. Call the blue puffle to free the purple puffle. Then, use the purple puffle to move the giant rock.
31. Go through the unblocked entrance, and take the left path to Dot.
32. Use the Grappling Hook on the mountain and complete the Grapple Gadget mini game.
33. You and the other agents are at the top of the mountain.
34. Herbert will come and turn his magnifying glasses on.
35. Gary will call. Pick up the ice blocks you see and put then in your inventory.
36. Complete the resulting mini game.
37. To destroy the magnifying glass, move Dot’s beam to connect to Rookie’s,
38. Move Rookie’s beam to connect with Jet Pack Guy.
39. Move Jet Pack Guy’s beam to connect with yours.
40. Move your beam until it is pointing at the magnifying glass.
41. The magnifying glass will blow up, and mission accomplished!

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