How to finish herbert's revenge mission 4

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 4 Empty How to finish herbert's revenge mission 4

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:51

1. Talk to Gary in the gadget room.
2. Get the hammer and the hat behind Gary, and put it in your inventory.
3. Go to the sports shop, talk to the penguin. Take the box of pegs, which are at the tent, and put it in your inventory.
4. Go to the Dock, and listen to Herbert. After he is gone, put the lantern in your inventory. TO turn it on, tap it.
5. Go to the beach and pick up a net.
6. Go to the lighthouse, talk to the orange penguin, and take the box of balloons and then the barrel.
7. Now, you will need to find 2 pieces of the map.
8. Go to the town and give the hat from your inventory to the green puffle.
9. Go to the Coffee Shop, and speak to the penguin to clean up the cookies.
10. Tap the cookies on the floor, which will clean it up.
11. Talk to the penguin again, he will give you a cookie.
12. Feed it to the green puffle, and you will get a piece of the map.
13. Go to the snow forts, and the 2nd map piece will be at the Flag Pole.
14. Tap it, and it will fly away to the plaza. Go to the plaza.
15. The map piece will fly to a newspaper being read by a penguin near the Stage.
16. Speak to the penguin, ask him for the map. He will say no, because he wants a pizza.
17. Go to the Pizza Parlor, and get a pizza from the chef.
18. Give the pizza to the penguin at the stage, and in return he will give you the 2nd piece of the map.
19. Combine the 2 pieces to receive the full map.
20. Go back to the Gadget room, and tap on the helium.
21. Talk to Gary, and ask him to take the Helium. Combine the Helium with the box of balloons in your inventory, and you will get an inflated balloon.
22. Use the Cream Soda from your inventory, and use it on the gift shop. Shake it until it blows up.
23. Select the net from your inventory, and put it below the gift shop. Then, select the pegs and use it on the net.
24. Select the hammer and use it on the pegs.
25. Go to the dock, then enter the tunnel with the lanterns on. Take a fork and start the “Amazing Maze” Mini Game.
26. Go under and through the gift shop, past the next room, and to the boiler room.
27. Talk to Herbert, and soon he will escape.
28. Tap the broken pipes on the floor to start the “Pipe Dreams” mini game.
29. Complete a path of pipes from starting to end to finish the game, by moving 2 pieces together.
30. After the game, go back to the HQ, and talk with Gary.
31. Congratulations! You have beat Mission 4 of Herbert’s Revenge!

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