How to finish herbert's revenge mission 3

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How to finish herbert's revenge mission 3 Empty How to finish herbert's revenge mission 3

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:50

1. Talk to Gary in the gadget room
2. Follow Klutzy out of the gadget room, then the HQ, then all the way to the ski hill.
3. After talking to all the penguins, tap the place where Klutzy disappears.
4. Exit through the right Forest path
5. Use scissors from your spy gadget to cut the O’berry bag from the tree, and then put it in your inventory.
6. Go through the path at the right, to the stump.
7. Feed an O’berry to the black puffle, then go through the cave entrance at the right.
8. After Klutzy goes through the cave entrance, drop another O’berry to the black puffle, and give it to the black puffle. He will open the cave door.
9. Enter the cave, and Herbert will appear. He will talk a lot, and answer many questions and give lots of information.
10. When you are done talking to Herbert, go to the water wheel.
11. Drop an O’berry on to the valve, at the right. Then, drop another O’berry on the left side of the gutter in the center. Drop the last O’Berry on the scale, located on the left.
12. The cage will open. Put the rope, anchor, hot sauce, and Blue Prints (on the wall).
13. If you tap the door, snow will block the entrance.
14. Combine the O’berry with the hot sauce, then feed it to the black puffle, which will blow open the door.
15. In the Wilderness, go back near the cliff side; go left, right, and right.
16. To go to a different view, tap on the cliff side. Combine the rope with the anchor.
17. Tap the newly made Grappling hook so it drops on top of the cliff. Play the mini game.
18. After that, go to the Pizza Parlor and get a Seaweed Pizza from the chef.
19. Go to the Ski Lodge, then the “Gone Fishing” door.
20. Give the Pizza to Herbert, and then tap the red handle on the chopping machine.
21. Listen to Gary and Herbert, then give the plans to Gary and the mission will end.

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