How to finish Mission 8 (PSA)

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How to finish Mission 8 (PSA) Empty How to finish Mission 8 (PSA)

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:46

1. Talk to G. There will be a small tremor. Get the propeller hat from the PSA HEADQUARTERS. Go to the dock. Talk to Herbert and take the lantern.

2. Go to the beach and pick up the fishing net then visit the gadget room and get the hammer from the wall.

3. Go to the town and talk to the confused penguins. Visit the coffee shop and talk to the penguin with coffee. Click on the cookies and put them in the jar.

4. Take a cookie from the coffee shop employee. Give the green puffle a propeller hat and thfeed it to the puffle in the town. Pick up the piece of paper.

5. Follow the piece of paper, clicking it every time it lands. It will end up in the town. Talk to the penguin with the paper in his book. Ask to see the newspaper.

6. Go to the pizza shop and earn the penguin in line a pizza.

7. Ask for the newspaper when you give him the pizza. Put it in your inventory and then take it out, you will get the small piece. Put it in your inventory with the other piece of the letter.

8. Go back to Gary and talk to him. Ask for his, “Super helium”.

9. Go to the lighthouse and get the balloons and a barrel from the penguins.


10. Then, go to the sports shop and pick up the pins beside the tent.

11. Go to the tunnel at the dock and follow the directions of both sheets of paper.

12. Do the first one on the first sheet, then put on your night vision goggles to find your way.

13. Use your spy phone to unscrew the pipe from the bottom of the gift shop.

14. Now put your balloon on the helium to air it up. Go to the town and put the balloon on the top of the gift shop. Then put the net under the floating gift shop. Now put the pegs from tents in the ground where the net is. Then hammer them in.

15. Go under the cave and through the opening. Go to the boiler room and talk to herbert.

16. Fix the pipes to the boiler. Connect bottom right hand corner to the top left.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the 8th Club Penguin Mission: Mysterious Tremors! We hope our cheats helped!

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