How to finish Elite Penguin Force Mission 6

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How to finish Elite Penguin Force Mission 6 Empty How to finish Elite Penguin Force Mission 6

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:29

1. Talk to the penguin in the Mine Shack.

2. Click on the tub of water near the opening.

3. Go into the door on the side of the Mine Shack.

4. Click on the wheels near the door, which are on the spool of yarn, and on the ground near the lantern.

5. Take the wheels outside. Put them into the bucket. Use Flare to weld them to the bucket.

6. Put the Cart in your inventory. Go down to the mine.

7. Put the cart on the track.

8. Surf on the mine tracks. When done, go to the upside cart. Talk to it.

9. Pick up the 3 yellow balloons and the rope.

10. Tie the rope to the cart. Have Blast knock the boulder off the ledge.

11. Blow up the balloons individually and attach them to the cart.

12. After all the balloons are attached, the mine cart will lift up. Then, talk to him.

13. Pick up the flashlight and attach it to your Spy Gadget.

14. Go to your spy gadget. Click the light bulb and point it at the dark tunnel. Search in the tunnel for Gary.

15. Use Blast to break the boards. You will be teleported to the HQ. The mission will be over.

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