How to finish Elite Penguin Force Mission 4

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How to finish Elite Penguin Force Mission 4 Empty How to finish Elite Penguin Force Mission 4

Post  TheCheatsGuy on Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 14:28

1. Talk to the director. Take the file from the table.

2. Grab the file from your inventory. Show it to Dot and penguin with the jetpack.

3. Go to the Sports Shop.

4. Give the file to the clerk. He will give you a pair of Gary’s glasses.

5. Go to the Eye Scan 3000 at the HQ. Put on the glasses and take the eye scan.

6. Go in the gadget room and check the table with the clock and the boom box.

7. Click on the open drawer. Get the Mechno Duster for your Spy Gadget.

8. Go to the Ski Hill.

9. Use the Mechano-Duster on the pile of snow. Rub the snow until you get a bent key.

10. Go to the Sports Shop.

11. Talk to Dot.

12. Use the key to open the door. You have now finished mission 4.

Mission 5 Cheats – All’s Weld that Ends Weld

1. Talk to PH.

2. Go to the Town.

3. Talk to Aunt Arctic there. She will give you a “Your a terrific friend” card.

4. Go into the Coffee Shop.

5. Use the Mechano-Duster to clean the coffee beans up. You are given a pen.

6. Combine the pen and the card. Give it to the Coffee Shop worker.

7. Go back to the town. Have Aunt Arctic sign it.

8. Go to the Snow Forts.

9. Give the card to both penguins there.

10. Head to the puffle training room.

11. Give the card to Flare and have him light up.

12. Click on Flare and then point at the key on the anvil. Flare will weld the two together. Take the key.

13. Go to the Sports Shop.

14. Put the key in Gary’s door. Go up to his room.

15. Go over to the globe. Use the decoder on the blueprints. It will say, “Super power flashlight.”

16. Go over to the orange couch. Grab the map.

17. Go to the table and click on the paper. Others will now know where you are going.

18. Click on the door and leave. Mission 5 is now over.

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